Checking In

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t posted since Friday.  This is because I have been busy entertaining in-laws and parents, attending ACU’s Sing Song, going to Lectureship classes, and eating out a lot.  Besides a pretty good lesson on gluttony, this week has been enlightening.

My friend Jimmy stayed with us all week.  He is a former preacher (10 years) who has been convicted of late of his need to re-join the mission of God in a more effective way.  He, like many Christians today, has become jaded with “church.”  He dreams of marginal, missional communities that actually live out the Christ-life rather than just banging Bibles.  He dreams of Christ-followers uniting under a desire to join in God in redeeming all of creation to himself, not just “save individual souls” from Hell.  This, of course, requires a renewed commitment to justice, simplicity, environmental stewardship, and peacefulness, virtues which even many not-yet-Christians espouse.  My conversations with Jimmy were rich and often lasted late into the night.  Thanks, Jimmy.

Last night, some fellow grad students and I facilitated the nightly “Coffeehouse” program at Lectureship.  Coffeehouse is an effort to connect gospel and culture in a meaningful way, and this week has included topics like, “From Ecstasy to Rage: U2 and the Psalms,” “Race in America: Reviewing the Movie Crash,” and “Tangled Up in Scripture: The Music of Bob Dylan.”  Each of these experiences highlighted areas of popular culture that can be launching pads for spiritual conversations with not-yet-Christians.  Last night, we presented a multi-media message of the good news of Jesus through the lens of the spiritual virtue of sabbath.  Our contention was that in Christ, we no longer need to be defined or identified by our production or consumption in this world, but can find the rest of God in the practice of slowing down.  This is such a vital message for the world today, especially the Western world.

OK, that’s about as “what I did today” as I get.  I’m done now.  Back to normal posting soon.  Blessings!


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