the longer we’re Christians…


Dan Kimball made the following observations regarding the apparent (and pretty obvious, at least to me) correlation between how many non-Christians we associate with and the length of time we’ve been a Christian:

“The irony is that we are on a mission for Jesus, but the more older and mature we become as Christians (and hopefully wiser), the less non-Christians then get to see and experience Jesus in us. I am talking about actual relationships and friendships where trust and dialogue are built with people who get to know us personally, not just street witnessing type of a thing to strangers.

Instead of only circling in closer with all Christians as we get older and more mature in our faith, shouldn’t it almost be the opposite as we grow older? Of course, provided we maintain Christian community in the midst of being on a mission for Jesus, as we all need Christian community. But it seems ironic that when we mature and know Scripture better, and Jesus better and are transformed all the more by the Spirit – that less and less non-Christians get to really experience that through relationships with us since we are more and more entrenched in the Christian sub-culture.”

I agree. Whaddaya think?


On a related note, my friend Agent B has a great post today about “Us and Them”. Definitely worth reading.


Also, if you haven’t already read it, what are you thinking? Read it. Be convicted. Do something.

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