random Saturday stuff

Funny Texas quote of the day (from Friday):

“I’ll never buy a Korean automobile…we might bomb them some day &emdash; parts’ll be hard to get.” &emdash; an older man I work with at the Christian Service Center after seeing a Daiwoo in front of the truck we were in.


I’m pretty proud of my dad, Steve Sr., for a letter he wrote to ACU’s student newspaper, The Optimist, in response to this column.

You can read his response here.


Miller has been discussing on his blog possible solutions to the “problem” of homelessness and poverty.

I’ve got a possible solution, or at least a stepping stone in that direction: sit with them.

I just saw an ACU student sitting cross-legged with a panhandling woman who sits near campus almost every day, and I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe he is more onto the solution to the “problem” than any of the rest of us.


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