picking up the mirror once in a while.

I know someone who started a project a couple years ago to help people. It does great work.

It is successful.

But my friend has a hard time making necessary changes in the system to make it even more successful.  They seem to be “too close” to the project, making it extremely difficult for this person to see flaws or room for improvement.  They see the positive things but has a hard time asking the following question on a very regular basis: “Is what we’re doing here actually working?”

This problem stems from an apparent lack of self-reflection.  I’d estimate that the vast majority of Americans (Christians included) do very little serious self-reflection, asking important questions like, “what am I doing?”, “what are my goals?”, “how am I living into my life’s purpose?” and others.  Just like CEOs, non-profit agency directors, and the President of the United States need to reflect, the run-of-the-mill Christian needs self-reflection on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis.

Reflection becomes difficult, however, when we do not set aside the time necessary for serious time with “the mirror.”  Most American Christians do not have an extended time built into their week for sitting still, finding their identity in God alone, and reflecting on their lives and relationships.  This needs to change.

Action is wonderful.  We need people who want to act and see results.  But perhaps even more dangerous than delayed action is action with no reflection afterward.  We all need reflection.  We all need to prioritize the chunks of time necessary for serious self-reflection and “slowing down.”

We all need to pick up the mirror once in a while.


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