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If you don’t rent another movie over the holiday season, rent Millions. It is the story of a young English boy’s discovery of a duffle bag fulla cash and his quest to give that money away to the poor. Many outside influences, however, seek to divert his attention away from those who need the money to their own selfish desires. That was a poor synopsis of the movie, but maybe it will be just enough to whet your appetite to rent it.

Spirituality (and even Christianity) run throughout this movie. For one, the boy has an (adorable) fascination with the Christian martyrs and saints from the past, and they show up periodically throughout the movie. Not to mention the theme of charity and material simplicity that runs throughout the movie. For all the crud that’s at Blockbuster these days, this one’s a real gem (“a real gem”?? I sound like I’m 80…).

Warning: This is a British film, and as you may know, the Brits are a little more…well…”liberal” with the content of their films (and commercials, advertisements, tv shows…). There is some mild language that runs throughout the movie, along with a mildly amusing scene involving the boy’s older brother and an online bra catalogue. There is also a scene or two of “peril”, as the MPAA rating indicates. Other than that, I think kids older than 10 could really benefit from seeing this movie. It likely will start a family discussion…it did with my family.


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