Primary Focus: “Church” or “Jesus”?

Before we can truly understand anything meaningful about the church, we must first be captured by a consuming revelation of the Person for whom it exists. Therefore, we must always begin with the Lord Jesus. We must always start with Him.

If we start out with the church, instead of with the One for whom it lives, we will end up with something quite distorted.

Frank Viola, the

The church, or “wineskin”, as Viola writes, “has been given for the practical outworking of our glorious inheritance in Christ. Its purpose is simple: To contain and express the riches of His glory.”

In discussing the way church “oughtta be done” or the “problems with the church,” we often have a tendency to elevate the importance of the wineskin over the wine. I am guilty of this, as is evident in the amount of time I spend talking about the church as opposed to how much time I spend talking about Christ.


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