Welcome to the new and [hopefully] improved HarvestBoston blog, written and edited by Steve Holt Jr. Please update any links to this blog on your own Web pages or browsers. Continue to expect the same hard-hitting, fair and balanced, dialogue-sparking commentary that you’ve gotten for almost a year now over on Blogger. I hope this new venue will offer a few more amenities to the readers and author, along with being a little more aesthetically pleasing than its blogging counterpart. As always, a change in venue does not mean a change in subject matter; this blog will still deal primarily with mission, spirituality, culture, and ecclesiology within the Christian faith.

Thanks again for your prayers for our ministry and your support of this blog. Blessings.


I just may fly to Boston myself, march into the Red Sox upper management offices, and knock some heads together. The Sox let Johnny Damon, the team’s former center-fielder and former fan favorite, go to the New York Yankees last night. Apparently, the Sox didn’t offer the long-haired “idiot” (self-acclaimed) enough money, so Damon will have to cut his locks and shave his beard as he joins the Evil Empire. If it wasn’t enough that we (the Sox) don’t have a center-fielder and appear not to know what “we” are doing, our poodle is named after the newest Yankee: Damon.

I could just puke.

Read the entire, horrifying story here.


One response to this post.

  1. What would you do if you
    Knew all of the things we knew
    Would you stand up for truth
    Or would you turn away too
    And then what if you saw
    All of the things thats wrong
    Would you stand tall and strong
    Or would you turn and walk away



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