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Your Future Home?
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If Dallas were in Boston (or vice versa), there’d be drunken brawls between cowboys and orange-haired Irishmen, and I would probably live here ——->.

Central Dallas Ministries has constructed this apartment complex that will house folks of all “social classes” right next to each other. Some apartments will be affordable for those who need them, and others will be regularly priced for the area. Larry James does a much better job of explaining it, so read his description of it first (then come back here).

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that Christians have the opportunity to embody Christ in this apartment complex. It means that just as Christ “became flesh and dwelt among us,” we have the opportunity to love people “up close,” not from afar.

What if dozens of Christian families, couples, or individuals were interspersed among hundreds of not-yet-Christian folks? What if the radical “gospel” virtues of hospitality (radical openness), Sabbath (re-ordering life around God), and simplicity were not only modeled in front of your neighbors, but offered to them as Good News for their own lives? What if the Christian folks saw the complex not only as “home”, but also as “church”? How could lives and communities be transformed if we approached every move this way?

Like I said, if this complex was in Boston, I’d be signing up. Have you ever considered being a missionary to an apartment complex in Dallas?

You should!


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