Adventures in Missing the Point — The “Holiday” Edition

Christmas or Holiday Tree?
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(…this is longer than I normally post. sorry. i’m just kinda fired up…)

Look, I wish God was mentioned in more sectors of our society. I really do. That may surprise some of you about me, but it’s true. I think that a Christian worldview in more areas of our nation probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

But, to be honest, I think that sometimes Christians in this country completely miss the point. They have replaced the announcement of and participation in the kingdom of God with another “gospel.”

Like our good friends, Drs. Dobson and Falwell, who apparently think that the most pressing spiritual battle in our nation today lies in whether a person cheerfully says, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to folks on the street.

Here’s Bro. Falwell speaking at a rally on the steps of the Alabama Capitol building about the Grinch that is Liberal America.

Here’s a preview of a past program from Dobson’s Web site,

In “Keeping it a “Merry Christmas,” Alliance Defense Fund President Alan Sears discusses how the insidious effort to remove Christ from Christmas is part of the grander scheme to remove God from the public square. A recent poll shows that 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas, yet political correctness increasingly dictates that the phrase “Merry Christmas” be replaced by the generic “Happy Holidays.” Our guest also reveals how the ultra-liberal ACLU is behind this campaign and urges listeners to oppose their anti-Christian agenda.

(Dobson also implied that his listeners should boycott Dell Computers this holi– I mean Christmas — season because they don’t overtly mention “Christmas” in their advertising, internal company speech, etc. I wonder if Dobson knows Michael Dell is Jewish…)

Goodness me. In the third-largest un-churched population in the world (North America), is this really the best “we’ve” got? Is this the face of Christianity? Are these voices helping or harming the cause of Christ in this country? Is anyone outside the church really listening? (Are many inside the church listening?)

To me, the “front line” in the spiritual battle in this nation is happening through folks like Jared Looney, Malissa Endsley, and others who are seeing God work through them to change lives on the streets of New York City (check out Bronx Fellowship here). Central Dallas Ministries is right in the mix. So is P.U.M.P. Church in Portland, Ore. The Willises in Austin have created Oak Grove Abbey as an outpost of Christ’s reign. And the list goes on.

I wish these servants were the face of Christianity, not men in suits arguing over Christmas trees.

Lord, let us not blaspheme your name by attaching it to our project. Let us instead recognize where you are working in the world and join you there. Lord of the Harvest, raise up harvesters for your harvest field. Amen.


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