Greenhouse, etc.

The Greenhouse conference with Neil Cole and Paul Kaak this weekend was powerful. The theme of the weekend was “Organically Multiplying Leaders, Churches and Movements.” (If this sounds like something of which you’d like to be a part, Register Here for the next Greenhouse conference. You won’t be disappointed.)

Here are a few nuggets from this weekend:

– The three pieces that form a community of faith are Divine Truth, Nurturing Relationships, and Apostolic Mission (DNA). If a community of faith doesn’t have one of these pieces, it is lacking effectiveness in the kingdom of God.

– The kingdom of God, like all living things, reproduces in stages developing from the micro to the macro: Disciples to Leaders to Churches to Movements. If we are not multiplying disciples (1 on 1 discipleship), we will never multiply churches or movements.

– A definition of the purpose of the church: “To enlarge the scope of God’s glory by serving him in the display and proclamation of his good and gracious reign…where we are…while obediently moving out among persons and all peoples to the ends of the earth.”

– 4 Activities of a Priest (which we all are, of course): 1) Intercedes before God on behalf the nations; 2) Instructs nations on behalf of God; 3) Images before the people the way and will of God; 4) Impartss blessing to people as God wishes. Are you, priests, doing these things?

Finally, here are some questions to ask regarding your church’s involvement in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20)
1) In what way do we place importance on small teams of disciples going out?
2) How well are we using worship as a motivator for mission?
3) Do we identify and recruit those whose ambition is to obey the king?
4) How does our training and our investment indicate that our primary orientation is to “Go!”?
5) What evidence is there that discipling the nations is our objective?
(Bringing them under the reign and instruction of our teacher-king)
6) Do we see an increasing number of people and families being baptized and learning to obey?
7) Are we avoiding a “westernization” of the gospel by seeking to make the ways of Jesus the Gospel?
8) What evidence is there that we are seeking Jesus in prayer?
9) How are we making outreach decisions in thinking about “completing the task”?


Tomorrow I’ll be speaking to The Night Riders, a group of nearly 100 ACU students who get together on Tuesday nights to listen to motivational student speakers then ride around campus in a pack on their bikes. They are drawing some serious attention on campus for their activities. I think they are super-cool. (my brother is a founding member…that should tell you something).

I’m going to be telling them that they are a lot like how I envision the church being: unconditionally accepting of people, incarnational, transient (like gypsies on two wheels), and purpose-driven (not like the best-selling books…). Watch a hilarious and enlightening video about Bike Night here.

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