Going Organic

Organic Church, by Neil Cole
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Neil Cole, author of Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens, Cultivating a Life For God, and most of these, will be staying at our house this weekend.

As founder and head of Church Multiplication Associates, a “growing and emerging family of churches intent on being alive with Jesus, mutually encouraging and spontaneously reproductive,” Cole will be one of the main presenters at a Greenhouse Conference at ACU this weekend.

Chrissy and I learned so much about simple, relational life in the kingdom of God at last year’s “Greenhouse: The First Story,” and we’re thrilled to learn more about hearing how leadership develop, churches multiply, and lives change in simple church structures at this year’s “Second Story.”

I encourage you to pick up Organic Church on Amazon. Here’s a description of the newly released book from CMA’s Web site:

For many people, traditional models of church hold very little appeal. They see themselves as more spiritual than religious, and are looking for deeper, more authentic relationships with other people and with God. Church leaders and planners must go where these people already are-in coffeehouses, bars, pubs, and other “third places”-if they want to connect with and eventually interest these seekers in Jesus. Organic Church demystifies this new model of church and teaches the practical aspects of bringing faith to the places where life happens.

I may post once or twice throughout the weekend with “Greenhouse highlights,” but if not, I’ll definitely be back Monday with some insights from the weekend.



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