Christians Need to be A Little More Jewish

I mean, right?

The Israelites had such a “sane” rhythm of life. God knew what he was doing when he commanded His people to observe Sabbath, participate in feasts, celebrate during Jubilee, and the countless other regulations regarding “time.” Where have these rhythms gone? Just because death is not still connected with a failure to observe these laws, should Christians have ever ditched the intentions behind the “Sabbath” regulations?

God is trying to teach Chrissy and me to be a little more Jewish. We are in the beginning stages of rejecting the Western, American lie that our value is connected to our ability to constantly produce. We are doing this by saying “no” to more things. We are also doing this by commiting our Sunday mornings to stopping for once during the week and commiting a significant chunk of time to each other and the Lord.

This doesn’t have to be the model for everyone, but in what ways are you living counter-culturally in respect to your time? How might a healthy theology of Sabbath be salvific for ourselves, our community, and those “outside” our communities?

I’m pretty sure Christians need to begin asking these kinds of questions, for reasons like this, among others.

You can download the first chapter of a book that I plan on buying, Sabbath Keeping, here. This could be a very important book in this conversation. A secular book that probably should play a role in the conversation on Sabbath is In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore — see the book’s Web site here.


Also, for a great CNN commentary on the “time” situation in America, read this. Are Christians modeling a different standard than what is described in the article?


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