Leave It to Piper…

…to turn conversations on their heads. Here’s an excerpt from a sermon preached by John Piper that correlates with what we’ve been talking about on this blog:

A man came to see me last week who had visited our morning worship a couple times. He said he just wanted to encourage me to keep on and then tears welled up in his eyes and he said, “I went home and cried because we don’t worship at my church like you do at yours.” I was surprised because I know how far we have to go. He had been nurtured as a new believer in a very informal house church. So I said, “Then our service must seem really stiff to you, since everything is pretty much planned out.” But he said, “No, no. It’s not the form or structure. It’s whether there’s life. Whether the leadership and people are really meeting God.” And he’s right. There are dead charismatic churches and there are living liturgical churches. The form is just a track to keep us all going in the same direction….

Let’s not get bogged down in forms and structures, but rather follow Jesus Christ. Let’s pursue him with all we’ve got. Let’s bring others into a relationship with him, not just an association with a church. Let’s quit making “church” about a time and a place and make it a lifestyle. Let’s be the kind of believers that people are drawn to. Let’s provide the kind of community our pre-Christian friends are down with.

Lord, help us be more Christlike! Make us nothing so that we can be used by you!



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