Modern-Day Parables

I’ve always been a pretty big movie fan. Not like my friend Dan Carlson, but a fan nonetheless. I believe many movies, and not just The Passion of the Christ, are modern-day parables, teaching those with open eyes and ears lessons about the kingdom of God, justice, redemption, salvation, reconciliation, and a host of other biblical truths. I’m not one of those people, however, who tries to find redemptive spiritual qualities in Dumb and Dumber or American Pie — some movies are just silly and for fun.

But it’s hard for me to watch a movie now without noticing those nuggets of teaching similar to the stories Jesus told his disciples and the crowds. Here are a few of my favorite modern-day parables:

Hotel Rwanda — not just a reminder about the injustices that are overlooked in the world, a story of great love and sacrifice for others.

The Legend of Bagger Vance — human redemption. in reference to mission, the “see the field” line really describes how we interact with the world. see this if you haven’t.

The Village — can’t really explain the spiritual meanings behind this one without giving stuff away, so just rent it.

Signs — again, redemption. and rediscovery of faith. lots of important questions are dealt with in this movie.

Lord of the Rings trilogy — possibly the best visual image of the “God journey” in which we all play a part. great spiritual warfare images as well.

Those are just a few I could think of in the last few minutes. What are some of your favorite modern-day parables?


P.S. — My dad just sent me a great article by John York. Read it here.


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