Cuttin’ Rug

Tonight was our first Ballroom Dancing class.

The City of Abilene Department of Parks and Recreation offers year-round classes ranging from badminton to baseball, so Chrissy and I decided to try our hand (and feet) at some ballroom dancing (not all the classes start with B, by the way). Tonight’s class was fun! We showed up about 20 minutes early to make sure we got into the class, and before we knew it, 5 other couples or individuals had joined us. Our instructor is a 60-plus-year-old woman who lost her husband in October, moved to Abilene from California, and told us every chance she got how much her husband loved to dance. Our classmates range from juniors in college to middle-aged single women to an older couple to a Vietnamese or Laotian couple that just moved to Abilene from New York City. Quite diverse!

You see, we really want to sharpen our skills in the waltz, mambo, and swing, but more than that, we want to meet some folks from the community. It’s so easy to get into our ACU-Highland Church-House Church bubble, and sometimes we forget that Abilene is a city of people from many different backgrounds with many interests. We’re not sure if any friendships are going to come out of our ballroom dancing class, but we are sure that we’re going to engage and love our classmates and teacher like crazy this summer.

And we’ll try not to step on anyone’s feet…

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