Next Step: Prayer.

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We should inform many of you, our friends and supporters, that the other couple who was going to be accompanying us to Boston has been called in a different direction. God has called this precious couple to stay on staff at the camp where they’ve worked for several years, ministering to inner-city children during the summers and dealing with administrative and fund-raising issues during the off-season. The Fields have our full blessing and understanding, and we wish them nothing but the best.

Next steps for us? Pray. That’s all we know how to do in this instance. In fact, ACU’s Dr. Tony Rector, Shane Hughes, Chrissy and I will begin a focused period of prayer for the entire Eastern Seaboard (ministries in New York City and Boston). We will be meeting once every three or four weeks, but Tony will collect the specific prayer needs from our team and the NYC team and distribute them on a weekly basis. If you feel called to participate in this focused “East Coast” prayer with us, please e-mail me at

We believe God is in control. We believe the Holy Spirit goes ahead of us in any missionary effort. That is why we can only pray for God to use us in the best ways He sees fit. We covet your prayers for our team (the Holts, basically), our preparation, the city of Boston, and the megalopolouses of the East Coast.



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