Adventures in Evangelism

Passing out Tracts
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Chrissy and I were visiting at a church a few weeks ago and got to hear one of the senior boys in the youth group preach. He started off great, talking about how we’re all missionaries and have a responsibility to share our faith. He cited many of the common excuses for not sharing our faith, and actually addressed a few answers.

Then it went downhill, in my opinion.

The kid told us how after school lets out at their private Christian school, he and a couple of his friends walk across the street to the local public school to evangelize to the students walking out. Here’s their method, taken directly from the evangelism formula of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on TBN’s “The Way of the Master”:

– Walk up to someone and ask, “Did you get one of these?” (“these” referring to a gospel tract)
– Give them the tract and ask, “If you died tonight, do you think you would go to Heaven or Hell?”
– Ask them if they think they are basically a good or bad person. (most people say they are going to Heaven and that they are good)
– Show them the 10 Commandments, and, going down the list, ask them whether they’ve ever broken each one of them. If they’ve told a lie, that makes them a liar. If they’ve even looked on another person lustfully, they are an adulterer, etc.
– Make them admit that they, in fact, are not a good person and probably are going to Hell.
– Offer them salvation through Jesus Christ (then they theoretically would take their confession of faith at this point).

That’s a rough outline of the method, but I think you get the idea (if you go to the WOTM Web site, click on “No, I am not a Christian” after Kirk’s intro to see this process in detail). Wow. I couldn’t believe I was hearing this kid right. I can’t believe this kind of trash is circulating through Christian circles as a viable evangelism practice.

Before I give my problems with this method, what are its negatives (and positives, I guess) in your mind?


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