New Teammate

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Well, we have a new teammate in the ministry. Damon Holt’s primary “target population” will be furry and have fleas, and we are really hopeful that he will catch the vision for starting some “kennel churches” all over Abilene and then Boston.

Naw, but seriously…

Damon is an 8-week-old miniature apricot poodle. He is about 6 lbs right now, but will grow to around 11 pounds. We wish he could stay the size he is, though. He is adorable. He has imaginary fights with his kibbles, does front flips over bricks in our yard, and can’t get up onto our deck (browse our pictures to see it — it’s really hilarious). And the best news: after just three days in our care, he is already doing his “dooty” on our pee-pee mat, and not the floor. Fast learner!

We are super excited about our new little family member. Thanks to Terry and Laura Browder (Chrissy’s bosses), who bought us Damon for Chrissy’s birthday.

He’s so doggone cute!


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