Wal-Mart Books

Chrissy forgot her bathing suit in Abilene, so we had to visit a Round Rock Wal-Mart to purchase one worthy of one good hot tub wearing. I got to looking at the Christian book shelf (in Wal-Mart’s un-matched literature section…), because I’m a Christian that reads books. Simple enough, I guess. It didn’t take me long to realize that Wal-Mart has not one book (aside from the Bible) that I would purchase to read myself or give to someone else.

Here’s why: So many of the “pop-Christian” books out today are really self-help books in disguise. Joel Osteen (author of NY Times Bestseller Your Best Life Now) is Tony Robbins with a clerical collar (I know, I know…he doesn’t wear a clerical collar — no analogy is perfect!). Christian book titles that have “10 Steps to…” or “How to have…” often give away the contents as more Zig Ziglar than Don Miller. Is this the best we have out there? Self-help books with “God” and “Jesus” sprinkled strategically throughout? Authors luring people to Christ with the promise of an abundant, rich life (and a bank account to match)? Why aren’t books like Blue Like Jazz or Jesus With Dirty Feet being sold at Wal-Mart? Why don’t more Christian authors write down-to-earth books about Christian spirituality that cause skeptics and seekers to think and convict believers? Ironically, the only book I remotely liked on the shelf was by Max Lucado, who has done a remarkably good job at writing non-cheesy books about Christian spirituality that hit a wide spectrum of people. But he’s about it.

Which Christian authors/books would you like to see at Wal-Mart? Why?


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