Aussies With Attitude: Frost and Hirsch

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If you haven’t read the book The Shaping of Things To Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church, please do so. If you are a church leader of any kind and/or desire to see people come to Christ (I sure do hope I caught everybody in that qualifier), this book is for you. Is it startling at times? Absolutely. Will it challenge your “comfortable” paradigm? You bet. Will it cause your imagination to run wild? No doubt (if you read it with an open mind, keeping in mind that these guys are putting this stuff into practice in Australia, an even more un-churched country than the U.S.). I hope that was enough to whet your appetite for the real meat of this book.

I got a chance to attend a discussion with the authors, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, on Friday night. It was amazing. I recorded it on my Mac (another reason why Apple is the best), and you can find it here. The link seems to work best on Internet Explorer, and you will have to turn your computer’s volume all the way up or use headphones to hear it clearly, as there were some outside noises and the mic wasn’t picking up everything. At any rate, block off a couple hours and take in this recording. You’ll want to read the book afterwards (or before).

I apologize to my Internet Explorer readers who seem to be having problems with the sidebar on their platform. It is showing up down at the bottom of the page instead of below the profile. I’m working on a solution, but if any of you know off-hand how to fix this, drop me a note.

Have a blessed week, fellow missionaries of the Word!

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