Birds in the Church Lot

True Story: At a seeker-driven, trendy, 3,500-member megachurch in the Dallas area, the pastor’s wife decided to take her turn directing traffic after the Sunday service. In the course of the 30-minute “commute” off the church’s land, the pastor’s wife was flipped off three times by angry drivers for various reasons. The experience shook the sheltered pastor’s wife, who got the idea from her church involvement that the church was full of God-fearing, loving, completely transformed Christians. Apparently she was wrong. She told her husband about the experience, and he also was hurt and surprised. What kind of “community” had he helped build here? Sure, there were warm bodies in almost every one of the 1,000 seats for three services in the plush sanctuary, but were lives really being changed? “What have I created?” he asked, with his head hanging.

Is this the case in many of the seeker-driven, crowd-drawing churches in North America? What are we helping to form if not transformed disciples of Jesus Christ? I pray that the church will wake up to its failure to make disciples in North America, instead making “church” a place and time on Sundays rather than a way of life.

Am I right? Thoughts?


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