Life Transformation Groups

You know when you hear about some new spiritual formation exercise, and you think, “If every Christian just did that, we could really change the world!”

Well, that’s how I feel about Life Transformation Groups.

The LTG is sort of like the “missing link” for Christians who are discipling their not-yet-Christian friends, and get to the point where most people say, “Do you want to go to church with me?” Well, I rarely ask that question anymore, for many reasons. But I do ask people if they’d like to start meeting once a week (assuming we have cultivated a relationship of trust and authenticity to this point) for prayer and accountability.

The LTG isn’t your ordinary “sin management” accountability group, however. It also adds a scriptural component to the relationship, where each person in the 2- or 3-person group is responsible for reading up to 30 chapters of the Bible per week. If someone doesn’t finish his reading, then everyone does it again (obviously, this can be tweaked for each situation — legalism definitely is NOT the idea here). The other component I like is the missional component built in from the very beginning. Each person writes down up to six names of not-yet-Christians they’d like to see come to Christ, and the group prays through a list of 10 scripture-based petitions on behalf of the lost people in your life. Talk about training a leader from the very beginning! (when one of your friend’s friends is brought into the group, and one of your not-yet-Christian friends is added, you split into two groups…novel idea!)

Interestingly enough, the LTG also is the basic structure of the church, according to the Bible (“where two or three…”). What if we viewed discipleship in this way? Not in a domineering, information-giving way, but in a loving, walking-beside-each other way, where mission was being emphasized from the very beginning. If you’d like to know more about LTGs, visit CMA Resources. Neil Cole has written a book about the LTG idea, so pick it up. Also, you can download a modified version of the LTG card here (the original card asks 11 pretty probing accountability questions, but this card simplifies the questions down to three lighter ones).

It’s going to take this emphasis on making disciples (who then go and make disciples) to break the spiritual drought that is sweeping the West. We have made comfortable converts too long, and haven’t given enough attention to Jesus’ commandment to “make disciples.”

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