Boston: Day 4

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If today had a theme, it was that God is at work in Boston, Massachusetts.

We met with two guys over Starbucks this morning who are considering a move from Rhode Island to start a church in Boston. We shared visions for the city, and Chrissy and I were able to glean a lot of wisdom from two native New Englanders. They both said their intuition was that God has his eye on Boston, a strategic location for a movement of the Holy Spirit.

Then we toured Suffolk University’s graduate school of business, because Chrissy is looking at MBA programs in the area. Suffolk is accredited, small, reasonably priced, and smack dab in the middle of the city. It was great.

Then we ate our obligatory cup of chowder at Union Oyster House, the country’s oldest restaurant. Wonderful, as always. (Chrissy and I used our meals this weekend to de-brief about wherever we had just been…this helped us get our thoughts down on paper right away).

At 1 p.m., we met Doug Hunt for lunch. All I knew was that Doug had moved from the South to Boston and was involved in some way with some house churches in the area. Doug informed us that he has moved into an informal role as a coordinator of church planters in the Boston area, specifically to college students. He said he currently is in dialogue with at least six other groups that are coming to Boston to join God’s mission there, and has an e-mail database of (no joke) 200 names that have showed interest in what God is doing in Boston. We were completely affirmed (once again) that we’re headed in the right direction. We knew we were being obedient by saying “yes” to Boston, but it’s comforting and edifying to know that the Spirit is hard at work among Christians in the area, in other areas, and in the hearts of the lost of the city.

Chrissy and I concluded our day early (about 3 in the afternoon) by praying over the city from the top of the parking garage where our train let us off. It was a special moment.

By the way, click on the photo above to see all our photos from the weekend. We’re currently watching the Red Sox spank the Yankees, which makes us both very, very happy.

We love you guys!

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