Boston: Day 2

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Once again, Chrissy and I are just getting back to the hotel room, and it’s late.

I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now (for fear that I’ll unknowingly blog something disastrous to my reputation and Christian witness…wouldn’t be the first time, by the way), but I did make a promise, and I intend to keep it.

We had a really productive day. We took full advantage of the free continental breakfast our hotel offers, and decided to skip the morning’s mission conference offerings for a self-guided tour of Cambridge. It was a glorious day — 55 degrees, not a cloud in the sky — and it was perfect for walking down the streets that some of this nation’s smartest people frequented.

From Cambridge we headed out toward where our missions conference was being held, stopping along the way for two pieces of pizza at a local joint — very tasty! The afternoon “breakout” sessions at World Mandate were encouraging. Chrissy and I attended the class focused on North America (of course) and then a class about sharing your faith at work. Nothing mindblowing, but we did feel like we received confirmation several times that Boston was a worthy landing strip for domestic missions.

Dinner was a bowl of soup at a little pub in “downtown” Brighton, a quaint little town just north of the Boston College area. Since we were going to be meeting Chad Smith, a minister at the Brookline Church, later on that evening, and needed at least an hour to get to our meeting spot, we decided not to attend tonight’s session at the missions conference. Instead, we explored Kenmore Square and Fenway Park. I was able to bypass the security, turn on the stadium lights, fill the stands with people on a non-game night, and take the photo to the right. Not really — I’m just being silly. As always, though, Fenway was magical, and I swear we saw the ghosts of many of the Sox greats floating around us. They were mostly friendly, except for Babe Ruth, who still has somewhat of a grudge.

Our meeting with Chad Smith went really awesome. We met at this little pub in Brookline and chatted about our vision and prayers over chicken fingers and ‘tater skins. Chad is a scholarly type who is super easy to converse with, so we hit it off right away. I anticipate that he and the Brookline Church will be allies for many years to come.

Here was one of the many nuggets of wisdom we gathered today: Don’t live in Somerville. At least not if traveling out toward Boston College on a daily basis. The commute back to our hotel tonight took the better part of 2 hours, because the T was down between Haymarket and Sullivan Square, and…well, you know the drill.

In all seriousness, folks, our trip is going very well so far. We have been journaling random insights and thoughts as we’ve explored, people-watched, interviewed, and explored some more, and I think we’re hearing from the Lord about a few things as well.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

morning sometime: attend a church nearby
lunch somewhere good (of course)
afternoon: Jamaica Plain and South Boston (“Southie”, if you saw Good Will Hunting)
later in the afternoon: Watch Fever Pitch
Evening: dinner, then hot tub at the hotel
after that, we’ll play by ear. bottom line for Sunday: relax a little.

Keep praying, friends. Steve out.


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