What a day…

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…I got three vintage T-shirts (including a tight, black one from the early ’80s that has a picture of a car and the words, “Blast From The Past”), three awesome polo-style shirts, and a pair of boot-cut cords for about $10 at two Abilene thrift stores!!

Seriously, I think the Goodwill gods were smiling on Steve today, because it seemed like all the stylish clothes had big neon signs above them that only I could see. What a day.

Oh, and I almost forgot the real good news of the day…

We have teammates! (besides all of you, our prayer partners, of course)

What I mean is that we have teammates that are going to move to Boston with us next year. Chris Field e-mailed me after I spoke in Chapel last week with a simple sentence: “I need to meet with you.” You see, it turns out that he and his wife, Stacey, want to move to a big city to do inner-city ministry/missions, and a few days before my speech they had focused in on Boston. When I parenthetically mentioned that Chrissy and I plan to move to Boston, they looked at each other and realized that the Holy Spirit doesn’t just speak through the holy Scriptures today.

Well, we’ve been chatting and praying for two weeks about the possibility of teaming up, and today they told us over lunch that they are getting on board the Boston train leaving the Abilene station in oh-six. What a blessing! These folks have such a heart for Christ and for the lost, specifically the down-and-out singles, families, children and homeless in America’s big cities. We are thrilled to be teammates.

Which reminds me, we are thrilled to be teammates with all of you, as well! Your prayers for our preparation and vision have been felt, and the generous monetary support of so many of you has been well received. Thank you! Please keep us in your prayers Thursday through Tuesday as we are in Boston on our first official survey trip (the Fields couldn’t make it, unfortunately!). Not only will we have an opportunity to attend a missions conference, meet some area church planters and missional church leaders, and scope out the area for neighborhoods, Friday is the opening night of “Fever Pitch” and Monday is the Red Sox home opener against the hated Yanks at Fenway.

Who could ask for more? (By the way, I’ll be blogging daily while we’re in Beantown to keep everyone up to snuff)


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