Simply Christian

Many Christians applauded Quaker Richard Foster after the release of his book Celebration of Discipline because Foster was one of the first contemporary protestants to think deeply about how the disciple is formed spiritually.

The inward Disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study, offer avenues of personal examination and change. The outward Disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission, and service, help prepare us to make the world a better place. The corporate Disciplines of confession, worship, guidance, and celebration, bring us nearer to one another and to God.

I want to focus on one of the 12 disciplines listed above. How many Christians that you know take simplicity seriously as a discipline intended to form them spiritually? Last month, a fellow graduate student spoke rather directly to the undergraduate student body about wealthy Christians, rustling more than just a few feathers. The defensive reaction of numerous students, parents, and alumni to the Chapel speech tells me that many, if not most, Christians do not consider simplicity to be a spiritual discipline.

I’m afraid Jesus might tell us something different, however. What do you think?


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