Weird Priorities

I just sat for an hour outside the office of one of my professors.

All I needed to do was pick up a graded paper, ask him a simple question about our upcoming research paper, and tell him that I was going to be missing class on April 11 because of our first research trip to Boston.

For an hour, I eavesdropped as my professor and two upper-level students chatted about who got his Ph.D where, and under whom he studied, and the latest news on the Princeton Divinity School, and yada yada yada. Apparently the student was inquiring of the professor on his opinion between two competing Ph.D programs.

Is this what “ministry preparation” has fallen to? I wonder how many similar conversations this professor has each week. Probably too many to count. Our world is going to Hell in a handbasket (with red and orange streamers on the handles), and the church’s “best” sits around comparing Ph.D programs. To do what? Write sermons the rest of his life? Write lesson plans the rest of his life?

Maybe I’m being too hard, but it’s just hard to see how all that education contributes as much to the Kingdom of God as the uneducated disciple who spends all day (and all night) with lost people. I’m for education, but not for education’s sake. Not even so churches will hire me. Not even so I have more rapport with the world regarding my Biblical “knowledge.”

I’ve posted on this before, I know. But sometimes, walking through the graduate school of theology at ACU makes my stomach turn. Lord, have mercy on us when we ask for degrees and research grants, but not the lost.

By the way, I never got in to see the prof.


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