(did I grab your attention? thought so. now read on.)

No missionary (who isn’t screwy in the head) these days denies that ministry ought to be localized and indigenous to the given culture. Simply put, “cut and paste” church or evangelism won’t work the same in Toronto as it does in Timbuktu. Furthermore, anyone looking to be a minister or missionary in one of North America’s urban centers faces a rapidly changing job description, thanks in part to what has been called the postmodern shift.

Enter the Emerging Church Network’s “Urban Immersion”: Urban/Emerging Culture Ministry Plunge. In this immersion, ECN’s goals are:

&emdash; To create awareness, gain experience and engage in relational contact with emerging culture.
&emdash; To experience a variety of church expressions that are tailored to emerging culture.
&emdash; To be challenged, stretched and molded by God and His heart for the lost.

Did I peak your interest??

Chrissy and I, along with five others, are going to be immersed in the emerging Austin, Texas, culture this weekend to learn firsthand how to read the “mosaic” of a city that is in need of the gospel. Emergent Church stuff seems to be all the rage right now, but Saturday night we’ll be immersed into the culture that has caused all this “Emergent hoo-ha.”

Then on Sunday, we’ll explore six Austin faith communities bent on reaching the folks many church leaders in America have deemed unreachable.

The adventure will be led by leaders from the Emerging Church Network, which has grown from just a few guys with missionary hearts to countless simple churches with over 1,000 members in three Texas cities in just a couple years. And trust me, these churches aren’t filled with your run-of-the-mill, stuffed shirts, Sunday morning crowds &emdash; ECN specializes in reaching the unreached pockets of people, namely the postmodern twentysomethings in urban areas.

We’re stoked about it. We have such a passion for reaching our peers who have no interest in common forms of religion, because coincidentally, we both share many of those same sentiments! Boston, our future mission field, and Austin share many of the same cultural rhythms, and Chrissy and I can’t wait to be immersed into the project of discovering some of those rhythms this weekend.

For sure, I’ll post an update later this weekend or early next week, but I’ll understandably be absent from the blogging world for a day or two.

I’ll be getting immersed.


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