Where I Go When I Surf

Why do you think the police search extensively the Web browser of a criminal they are investigating? Because you can see a lot about a person by where they’ve surfed recently. I’m no criminal, but here are my most frequently surfed Web sites in order of how they appear on my bookmark bar. Feel free to browse them yourself, or even bookmark them yourself. One warning: Many of them are fairly addictive…

Ready, set, surf!

Boston Metro Church (from Harding)
my blog (you’re here)
Google (a bookmark bar must-have)
Mike Cope’s Blog
Matt Elliot’s Blog (my 9th grade Bible teacher!)
Larry James’ Blog (Central Dallas Ministries…powerful)
Cody Hufstedler’s Blog (this guy is ministering among the Mormons in Salt Lake!)
Brady and Katherine Lane’s Blog (great friends who just moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!)
Travis Stanley’s Blog (fellow seminarian who always makes me think)
Relevant Media Group (hands-down, the best magazine on the planet)
Trackshark (the best source for all your collegiate track and field information)
Amazon (duh…I’m in a graduate school of theology)
The Holy Observer (just click on the link…you won’t be sorry)
Missionary Residence for North America (the internship of which I’m a part at ACU…take a look!)
Abilene Christian University (dis be my skoo!)
Nike Running (great tools for runners of all levels.)
Off-The-Map (tools into missions and ministry in a postmodern America)
Percept (demographic and ethnographic information for churches and domestic church planters…this is an amazing tool for churches looking to find out about their community!)
Census.gov Factfinder (another demographics resource for church planters and domestic missionaries)
Weather Channel.com
Free Mini Macs! (don’t do it — it’s a crock.)
The Truth Tree (C of C NYC church planter has done his homework for this one, folks. Excellent resources. Gorgeous site.)
Real Live Preacher (funny blog from a salty churchman)
John Eldredge’s Epic (great site to parouse once you’ve read his little book)
House2House Online Magazine (information about house/simple church and missional living)
Missiology.org (Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen’s missiology Web site…good articles and resources for church planting, missions)
Zoom Points (earn free stuff for taking surveys)
pubchurch (just like it sounds, a church that meets in a pub)
Georgia Track and Field/Cross Country (favorite sport in my old state)
Yakatack Blog (a guy interested in how community plays into the Christian mission…)
eBay (I used to be more addicted to selling stuff than I am now, but eBay’s still fun to browse)


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