Our language betrays us, doesn’t it?

Mike Cope’s blog community has been discussing “missional churches” from a number of angles. Two comments in that discussion stood out to me.

Fajita said, “…so that they will be unlikely to attract ‘normal’ people.”

Don said, “…really they are just reaching out to different/diverse groups…”

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Is our commission to “attract” (or not attract) people to what we’re doing? (or is it to go…and be Christ…)

Are we “reaching out” from behind tall, thick, stained-glass walls?

Do we really believe that our hearts are now God’s home, His Temple?

Consider this passage from a splendidly simple little book, Jesus With Dirty Feet, by Don Everts:

Jesus walked.
Jesus was a man with dirty feet.
He spent most of those three years walking around with people.
He invited folks to become his intimate followers.
Everywhere he went great crowds gathered around to listen to him, to be with him, to see what he would do next.
As Jesus led his twelve closest followers they would walk along the dirt roads together.
They went to parties together.
They ate meals together.
They worked together.
Jesus walked as a human among humans, brushed elbows with politicians and outcasts, went to parties with sinners and criminals, and embraced as his own family those he met on the street.
Jesus floated on no pristine clouds.
Jesus was no aloof elitest.
Jesus was no odd hermit.
He preferred the world of dirt and friends and handshakes.
He embraced this relational life on earth more passionately than anyone ever had.

How does the church today, as it stands, measure up to this?


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